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Leveraging technology to make great products has become easier than ever. In a worldwide market, a wide range of components and specialized solutions exists and the "only" thing that you have to do is choose. However, your competition may do the same. 


It is thus critical for your continued market success that you discover the best technologies that deliver an optimal return on investment and that - ideally - your competition does not have found yet. The challenge is to correctly gauge the degree of improvement your product can get from a new technology to carefully balance cost and gain. 


Also, in a fast-moving world up-to-date knowledge is crucial. You have to stay on top of the game and understand technology to an extent that allows you to make smart business decisions. 

We help you with all that.

Based on our extensive professional experience gleaned from some of the worlds largest companies in the engineering sector and with a track record of successful products, we offer you a customised consulting experience founded on a proven set of building blocks.

In our first free-of-charge session, we will tailor the best possible consultation approach to fit your needs and to efficiently attack the problems you want to solve.

Please contact us for a personalised offer.



technical drafts

We translate your list of product features and customer use-cases into a technical design that shows all major technology components and how they interact.

Result :  

Technical draft (including flowchart and in-depth documentation)



Comprehensive analysis of publication, research institutions and startup companies to find the best technology for your product.

Result : 

Overview and in-depth analysis of technology experts worldwide, including an assessment of research projects and prototypes.

feasibility studies

Based on your list of use-cases and features, we analyse wether the product can be built and made robust enough given the desired target price. 

Result : 

In-depth feasibility study with a critical assessment of the product with regard to the demands of your target market (environmental conditions, major use-cases, available technology, etc.)

technical deep-dives

Comprehensive in-depth assessment of a technology you need to understand to make a well-informed business decision. In addition to providing a general overview, we also offer an in-depth assessment from the perspective of your product and industry. 

Result : 

Comprehensive and easy-to-understand briefing material (slide deck, report) on a technology or field of knowledge you need to understand.

customized consulting

We know that not all problems can be captured with standardised approaches. For this reason, we also offer completely individualised consulting projects that are defined by you.

Please contact us for more information.

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