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Innovation management

There is no standard method to approach innovation management. Creating new and exciting products that customers love is an often difficult and non-standard task that depends on many factors: Your individual company profile, your customers, the market you want to enter and ongoing technology trends that need to be respected and woven into your product strategy.

By leveraging our technical expertise and market experience, you can increase the chance of developing new and exciting products as well as reduce the risk of costly ventures into pursuing an unpromising product idea.

Based on our extensive professional experience gleaned from some of the worlds largest companies in the engineering sector, we offer you a customised consulting experience founded on a proven set of building blocks.

In our first free-of-charge session, we will tailor the best possible consultation approach to fit your needs and to efficiently attack the problems you want to solve.

Please contact us for a personalised offer.




Holistic analysis of strengths and weaknesses of your company in the areas of products, research and development and marketing.

Result : 

Exhaustive set of recommendations and measures to improve the positioning of your company 

innovation process

A tailored process to foster innovation in your company and to increase the probability that great ideas can be turned into even greater products. 

Result : 

Seamless innovation process from research over pre-development to series production with a description of each stage and the decision gates in between.

 Product creation

Planning, implementation and evaluation of innovation and product development online workshops with your staff. The goal is to create the right product for the right market.

Result :

Comprehensive pitch decks on potential break-through products ready to be presented to upper management.

Customers, Competition

Comprehensive analysis of markets and their special properties, competition as well as identification of future product and technology trends.

Result : 

Overview of the major market you want to enter (or improve in), including customers, competitors and technology drivers.

customized consulting

We know that not all problems can be captured with standardised approaches. For this reason, we also offer completely individualised consulting projects that are defined by you.

Please contact us for more information.

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