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autonomous cars

The automotive industry is where we truly are at home. Based on 10+ years of professional experience with German OEM and Tier-1 suppliers and 4+ years of technology consulting in the domain of autonomous driving enable us to provide deep and unique insights into this exciting area of innovation which will soon change our definition of mobility forever. 

Autonomous vehicles are both an opportunity for new players to succeed in a fast-growing market and a threat to many established companies who might lose market share if they get involved too late in the upcoming technological changes.

Our mission is to help you participate in the future of the automotive industry by understanding the key technologies involved and by working with us to identify new business opportunities based on your existing product portfolio and expertise.

Based on our extensive professional experience gleaned from some of the worlds largest companies in the engineering sector, we offer you a customised consulting experience founded on a proven set of building blocks.

In our first free-of-charge session, we will tailor the best possible consultation approach to fit your needs and to efficiently attack the problems you want to solve.

Please contact us for a personalised offer.



technology overview

Based on your industry and interest, we provide overviews and in-depth​ assessments of the technologies and challenges involved in vehicle automation.

Result : 

Comprehensive and easy-to-understand briefing material (slide deck, report) on a technology or field of knowledge you need to understand.

Algorithm development

We develop and improve algorithms in the areas of computer vision, obstacle detection and tracking and artificial intelligence to help you get ahead of your competitors.

Result : 

A tailored algorithm in pre-development state written in Matlab, C++ or Python and a scalable documentation.

business opportunities

We analyse your company and product profile and find ways to enter successfully into the autonomous vehicle industry by either adapting existing products or by creating new ones.

Result : 

A set of recommendations and measures (slide-deck, report, live presentation by our experts) on how to enter the autonomous vehicle industry.

cutting-edge research

Comprehensive analysis of publications, research institutions and startup companies in the area of autonomous vehicles to find the best technology for your product.

Result : 

Overview and in-depth analysis of technology experts worldwide, including an assessment of research projects and prototypes.

customized consulting

We know that not all problems can be captured with standardised approaches. For this reason, we also offer completely individualised consulting projects that are defined by you.

Please contact us for more information.

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