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Algorithm development

A great idea for a new and intriguing product is the starting point for most development projects. Over the course of the engineering process however, a once sparkling idea is often dulled by technical adversities which your team might not able to overcome in time. 

In such cases, a fresh outside perspective on the problem often helps to jump-start development again. That's where we excel : Developing algorithms and providing tailored advice in the domains of autonomous driving, ADAS, computer vision and artificial intelligence. 

Based on our extensive professional experience gleaned from some of the worlds largest companies in the engineering sector and with a track record of successful products, we offer you a customised consulting experience founded on a proven set of building blocks.

In our first free-of-charge session, we will tailor the best possible consultation approach to fit your needs and to efficiently attack the problems you want to solve.

Please contact us for a personalised offer.




Holistic analysis of existing algorithms and the major product / customer demands they serve. 

Result : 

A set of strong points and weak points of your technology with a list of recommendations on how to improve. In some cases, we recommend switching to a new technology if you are on a one-way street with your current development.


Based on typical use-cases and on the major challenges (e.g. adverse weather conditions, low detection redundancy) we design tailored algorithms to best meet those needs. 


The major focus is a fast proof of concept to show that a solution is possible.


Result : 

A novel algorithm in early pre-development state written in Matlab, C++ or Python and a scalable documentation.


Building on the algorithm prototype from the design phase, the focus is to improve it towards your most critical parameters (e.g. performance, runtime, robustness).

Result : 

An improved algorithm in pre-development state with the potential to progress towards series development. 


Use-case analysis including major challenges and specialties of your target markets. We devise a set of test scenarios for your product to help you assess its capabilities and robustness. 

Result : 

A test catalogue with a detailed description of the test you should perform as well as the required performance metrics. Also, an in-depth evaluation of existing test results with statistics and clear recommendations.

customized consulting

We know that not all problems can be captured with standardised approaches. For this reason, we also offer completely individualised consulting projects that are defined by you.

Please contact us for more information.

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