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We offer tailored consulting services to help you stay ahead of your competitors with great products

and cutting-edge technology.

Algorithm development

At the heart of most great technology products there is a unique algorithm which gives its creator a competitive edge. Even though you might have a skilled team of experts, sometimes an outside perspective with a fresh ​view on the problem can jump-start your development.

In the domains of computer vision, signal processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, we help you with...

  • algorithm design to help you create new products 

  • algorithm optimization to help you improve with regard to performance, runtime or power efficiency.

  • algorithm testing to gauge its capabilities in artificial and real-life scenarios.

To create the best solutions for you, we tailor our services based on a set of proven building-block consulting components that meet your individual needs and fit your budget.

Innovation Management

In a rapidly changing market, innovation is the key to success. Companies need great products that appeal to their customers and put them ahead of their competitors. However, the path from a first idea to a fully-fledged new product is long. 

To walk this path successfully, we help you with ...

  • improving your existing product portfolio

  • creating new products for your market

  • entering a promising new market

  • adapting a product to the specific requirements of a market or region

We tailor our services to you based on a set of proven building-block consulting components that meet your individual needs and fit your budget.

Technology consulting

In most great products, innovation and technology are closely intertwined. Therefore, understanding how to use, adapt and create new technologies is key to market success. However, the pace of change in our technology-driven age is rapidly increasing, making it hard for companies to stay up-to-date and take investment decisions on a sound technological basis.

To meet this challenge, we help you with ...

  • leveraging new technology to create new products or improve existing products in your portfolio

  • understanding key technology your company needs to understand and master

  • developing new technology in-house or with external development partners

  • researching scientific papers, publications, startups and proven experts for the latest cutting-edge technology in your field

As with innovation management, we tailor our services to you based on a set of proven building-block consulting components that meet your individual needs and fit your budget.

Autonomous driving

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. It is currently faced with three technological game-changers at once (all-electric powertrain, ubiquitous connectivity, full-scale automation), which combined are able to create entirely new mobility solutions for millions of people in the near future. 

The race to fully-automated vehicles presents a wealth of business opportunities - not only for established players but also for newcomers entering the automotive market. 

Based on years of experience in the automotive industry, our experts are able to help you with ...

  • providing an overview of the technologies and challenges involved in vehicle automation (VA)

  • providing technical deep-dives into all major technology fields related to VA

  • identifying business opportunities that fit your company profile and leverage your strengths

  • researching scientific publications, proven experts and startups to help you create new products

Our goal is to help making you successful in this powerful and exciting new industry.

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